Automotive Industry Standard (AIS-129)

What is AIS 129:

Automotive Industry Standard-129 is a rule applicable to M, N and L vehicle categories produced or imported to India for sale in India and type approved as per Central Motor Vehicles (CMV) Rule 126.

AIS-129 has two parts as mentioned below.
PART–1 : Collection and dismantling of End-of-life vehicle, PART-2 A : Heavy Metal restriction, dismantling information,
PART-2 B : Type Approval of vehicle with regard to their Reusability and Recoverability (RRR)

How to comply with AIS-129:

  1. Providing end to end support in comply to AIS-129.
  2. Registration of company in International Material Data System (IMDS) system.
  3. Creating MDS ( Material Data Sheet)
  4. Validating the MDS submitted by clients supplier.
  5. Creating main assemblies MDS in IMDS system.
  6. Submitting created MDS to customers according to their specifications.
  7. Creating a report for the submitted parts.
  8. Re-submission of rejected MDS to customer if any.
  9. Creating RRR Calculation for vehicles as per ISO-22628 standard.
Automotive Industry Standard - AIS 129

Type approval for AIS-129:

For Vehicle Type approval OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) has to collect the

  1. Material data from their respective supply chain.
  2. Calculate the (Recyclability & Recoverability) RRR as per ISO 22628.
  3. Tracking of HMR (Heavy Metal Restrictions) for the product they procure from suppliers.
  4. Providing compliance declaration for the product manufactured or imported in India.

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