LCA Services

As sustainability becomes increasingly important in today’s business landscape, understanding the environmental impacts of products and services throughout their entire life cycle is essential.

Our LCA(Life Cycle Assessment) services offer a comprehensive analysis of the environmental footprint of your offerings, providing valuable insights into the key sustainability indicators and opportunities for improvement.

Here’s what sets our LCA services apart:

1. Holistic Analysis(🔎) Our team of experts conducts a meticulous evaluation of your products or services, examining each stage of their life cycle from raw material extraction to end-of-life disposal. By taking a holistic approach, we ensure that every aspect of environmental impact is considered.

2. Sustainability Roadmap (🌱) we develop a customized sustainability roadmap that outlines practical strategies and recommendations for reducing environmental impacts. This roadmap acts as a guiding tool to help you transition towards a more sustainable and responsible business model.

3. Communicating Sustainability (🌍) With the growing demand for transparent and sustainable business practices, our LCA services enable you to effectively communicate your environmental performance to stakeholders, customers, and the wider public. This strengthens your brand reputation and demonstrates your commitment to sustainability

LCA Services - Life Cycle Assessment
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA Services)

Our Approach:

Scoping and Goal Definition: We work closely with you to define the scope and goals of the LCA study, considering factors such as system boundaries, functional units, and data requirements. This ensures that the assessment aligns with your specific needs and objectives.

Inventory Analysis: Our experts collect data on material inputs, energy consumption, emissions, and waste generation at each life cycle stage. We utilize industry databases, and relevant stakeholder input to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Impact Assessment: We assess the environmental impact of your product or service using recognized impact assessment methods. This step quantifies the potential effects on areas such as climate change, resource depletion, human health, and ecosystem quality.

Interpretation and Reporting: We interpret the results of the LCA study, providing you with clear and concise reports that highlight the significant environmental impacts, hotspots, and opportunities for improvement. Our experts help you understand the findings and identify strategies for reducing your environmental footprint.

Continuous Improvement: LCA is a powerful tool for driving continuous improvement. We assist you in developing sustainability strategies based on the LCA results, such as eco-design, process optimization, material substitution, waste reduction, and energy efficiency improvements.

Benefits of Our LCA Services:

1. Comprehensive Understanding.
2. Identifying Hotspot.
3. Strategic Decision-Making.
4. Stakeholder Engagement.
5. Regulatory Compliance.

We provide end to end services on IMDS, CDX system, REACH ROHS, CMRT, SCIP database,
AIS-129, MDR, IVDR and other regulations


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