IMDS Training

We offer end to end solution for all your needs on IMDS services and training. We can customize our solutions to the needs of your company. As we are authorized IMDS training and consulting partner in various countries including India we provide standardized training and materials which helps you to get hands on experience on the system and obtain overview of business processes.

We provide training on the IMDS training server (DXC) and you will be provided with the access for few days so that you can trial and get onto speed quickly.

At the end of the IMDS training we ensure:

  • Users are familiar with all aspects of the IMDS system
  • Users understand the regulations and how IMDS helps to achieve compliance
  • Users understand customer specific requirements and how it impacts the entire supply chain
  • Users understand Data validation concepts and methodology

There are 2 types of training available based on the type of expertise:

  1. Beginner level – If you are new to IMDS then please opt for this type of training
  2. Expert level – If you are aware of basic concepts, methodology and need to know detailed level then opt for this training

To register, please contact us in the contact page.

We provide end to end services on IMDS, CDX system, REACH ROHS, CMRT, SCIP database,
AIS-129, MDR, IVDR and other regulations


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